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Waldemar Pacholik

I was born and raised in Poland where I attended the University of Wroclaw and received a Masters in Geology with a specialization in petrology and mineralogy. I also attended the  Politechnical University of Wroclaw where I received a Masters in Mining Engineering. At Stony Brook I attended educational courses required for provisional certification in teaching Earth Science. Presently, I teach Earth Science in Central Islip High School. My research project for GEO 589 Research for Earth Science Teachers was the study of glacial boulders on the SUNY Stony Brook campus. The purpose was to determine the geology of basement rocks of Long Island Sound based on the rock type and shape of erratic boulders.  It should be expected that the least round and fractured boulders would have traveled a shorter distance then the more rounded boulders and may represent rock types found in the basement of Long Island Sound.  More rounded boulders should more likely have been plucked and transported from the basement rocks of Connecticut directly to the north. Photos from a field trip to observe the basement rock types in Connecticut can be found at the following link.

Photos of basement rocks in Connecticut

Part one of my research project gives the abstract,  introduction and background information.

Part two gives the results.

Part three gives the interpretation

Rock type is a large file giving the data for 340 individual boulders. Be patient while it loads.

Images of Boulders on SUNY Stony Brook Campus

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