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25th Conference on
"Geology of Long Island and Metropolitan New York"

Saturday April 14, 2018

Presentations are in the Lecture Hall (ESS 001) in the  Earth and Space Sciences Building,
Stony Brook University

The conference will begin at 9:00 AM and is FREE.

Speakers please note: All presentations will be in Power Point. 
Please bring your presentation on a flash drive. 

You may not use your laptop.

No need to register. Just show up.

Teachers and professionals may receive contact hours towards professional development.

You can attend for any number of hours.

Everyone is welcome. Especially students.

Abstracts as of 03/14/2018

Each presentation will be 15 minutes.

Directions to Stony Brook University and the Earth and Space Sciences Building

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Authors, Abstracts and Titles to date (03/14/2018)





9:00 AM

Introduction and
The Geoscience Workforce Gap
G.N. Hanson Stony Brook University
  Occurrence of Pebbly Loess on the North and South Forks
Research reports that describe pebbly loess on Long Island and elsewhere
K. Guercio
C. Morrill
Stony Brook University
  Nitrogen transformation and microbial characterization in Removing Biofilters (NRBs) for onsite wastewater treatment on Long Island X. Mao
S. Waugh
R. Price
F. Russo
C. Gobler
H. Walker
Stony Brook University
  30 years of Upper Glacial aquifer monitoring, upgradient of Brookhaven landfill
D. Tonjes Stony Brook University


Groundwater cleanup progress at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton NY

D. Paquette
Wm. Dorsch
R. Howe,
V Racaniello
J. Burke
Brookhaven National Laboratory
  Glacial strata in the Manhattanville neighborhood of NYC
C. Moss MRCE
  Why are plants thriving in woodlands on Stony Brook Campus despite acid rain and acid soil? J. Hudson
G.N. Hanson
Stony Brook University
  PG certification in New York State
R. Alvey EPA
    J.B. Bennington
Hofstra University
  Shallow Water Quality of Shelter Island, NY. 
B. McCarthy
I. Fisher
K. Colella
USGS Coram
    N. Crnosija
D. Davis
Stony Brook University
    V. Kundic
Stony Brook University
    W. Pacholik
G.N. Hanson
Central Islip High School
Stony Brook University
    E.C. Farmer Hofstra University
  Late Glacial to modern evolution of the inner continental shelf south of Long Island R.D Flood
J. Lashley
I. Dwyer
H. Bokuniewicz
Stony Brook University

The presence of above standard levels of compounds in communities on Long Island, NY: The impact of income on water quality

A. Catalano
Hofstra University
Molloy College
Poster Trace Metal Concentration in Soil at Crossroads Farm in
Malverne, New York
A. Lewis
A. Hampton
D. Hsu
M. Jason
M. Maliszka
E. Farmer
Hofstra University


 Immediately after the conference there will be tours through the following labs:

  1. Optically Stimulated Luminescence Laboratory,  room 367 ESS Building, led by Vesna Kundic

  2. Stable Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory, room 315 ESS Building,  led by Greg Henkes

  3. Isotope Geochemistry and Geochronology Laboratory, room 317 ESS Building, led by Troy Rasbury



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