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Field Trip

Brookhaven National Laboratory

John Black

Paul Boyce, P.E. and Frank Castellano, P.G.
PW Grosser Consulting

Douglas Paquette
Brookhaven National Laboratory

Saturday June 27, 1998

We will meet at 9 a.m. at Brookhaven National Laboratory in the Conference Room of Building 535. The guard at the gate will give you instructions. Jan Naidu of BNL will be our host. Tel. 344-4263

During the day we will:

  • be given an overview of the complex geology underlying the lab;
  • see exposures of recently excavated sediments ;
  • visit the gamma forest -the site of Woodwells classic studies of the effects of gamma radiation on a wooded area;;
  • visit the training area for World War I Trench warfare;
  • visit the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) reforestation project;
  • visit the sites of a recent hazardous waste remedial excavation project. These areas include: former, interim and current landfills, animal/chemical pits (a total of 55), and ashfill area. Associated hazardous wastes that will be discussed include radiological, medical, biological, toxic and shock sensitive materials. Project managers involved in this excavation will detail the logistics involved, physical hazards, and other job site conditions.
  • The trip will finish by 5:00 p.m.

    Travel directions: Take the Long Island Expressway (495) to exit 68. Go north on William Floyd Highway (46) about 1.5 miles to the main entrance.

    Maps of Brookhaven National Lab and Long Island are available at

    We will go rain or shine. There will be no refunds.

    You may wish to download the Bibliography of Long Island Geology and Hydrology at:

    Bring lunch and drink. Wear sturdy shoes or boots.

    In-service credit is available for teachers.

    If you wish to participate, we need to know by Tuesday, June 23. Make your reservations by sending a check  made out to Long Island Geologists for $10.00 per participant.

    Enclosed is a check for $_____.00 to reserve ____places for the Field Trip on June 27, 1998.

    Name(s) _________________________________________

    Affiliation ________________________________________

    Address _________________________________________

    Phone__________ Fax______________e-mail_______________

    If you are a teacher, would you like in-service credit? _______

    Send check and this information to:

    Long Island Geologists
    Earth and Space Sciences Building
    Stony Brook, New York 11794-2100

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