Long Island Geology 
Research Papers on the Web

A number of  undergraduate and  graduate research reports, miscellaneous research projects as well as theses at SUNY Stony Brook have been placed on the web. Links to these sites are given below.

Conference on the Geology of Long Island and Metropolitan New York

Each year since 1994 the conference has accepted extended abstract of up to 10 pages single space for publication. The programs are on the web at www.geo.sunysb.edu/lig/. Limited numbers of printed abstract volumes are available for  1994 - 1999, 2001 and 2002. The cost for each volume is $10. If you wish to purchase a printed volume, send a check for $10 for each volume to:
Long Island Geologists
Department of Geosciences
Stony Brook
, NY 11794-2100

Some of the abstracts for 1996, 1997 and 1998 are on the Long Island Geologists web site. All of the abstracts since 1999 are on the web site.

Ph. D. Dissertations

Non-point sources of nitrate and perchlorate in urban land use to groundwater,
Suffolk County, NY
by Jennie Munster, 2008

Fate of Nitrogen during Submarine Groundwater Discharge into Long Island North Shore Embayments
by Caitlin Young, 2013

Characterization of the Spatial and Temporal Variations of Submarine Groundwater Discharge Using Electrical Resistivity and Seepage Measurements by Josephine Durand, 2014

MS Theses

Organic Sorption and Cation Exchange Capacity  of  Glacial Sand, Long Island   
by Sonya Boguslavsky, 2000

Evaluation of Ar-Ar ages of Individual Mica Grains for Provenance Studies of Loess,
Long Island, NY
by Jian Zhong, 2001

Glaciotectonic Shear Zones: Surface Sample Bias and Clast Fabric Interpretation
by Elliot Klein, 2002

Analysis of Boulder Distribution: Implications for Glacial Processes in the Vicinity of Wildwood State Park, Wading River, New York by Jessica L. McEachern, 2003

Evaluating Nitrate Sources in Suffolk County Groundwater, Long Island, New York
by Jennie Munster, 2004

Chapter 1 Using major elements to determine source of nitrate in groundwater
Chapter 2 Nitrate leaching of turfgrass sites with different types of fertilizer and variable site properties.

Age and Provenance of Long Island Loess by Vesna Kundic, 2005

Modeling Cations in a Contaminant Plume in Saturated Zone by Qi (Linda) Liu, 2005
Matlab Program for Cation Transport in a Contaminant Plume by Qi (Linda) Liu 2005

Glacial Tectonism at Hither Hills, Long Island, Revealed by Ground-Penetrating Radar Investigations
by Kurt Goetz, 2005

Chemical signature of a sewage plume from a cesspool, Long Island, New York
by Xuan (Sunny) Xu, 2007

Origin and evolution of Dry Valleys south of Ronkonkoma Moraine by Soma Das (Sen), 2007

Annual precipitation pattern over Long Island Based on Radar Data by Lisha Zhou, 2008

Extent of Denitrification in Northport Groundwater by Caitlin R. Young, 2010

High-Resolution Methodology for Particle Size Analysis of Naturally Occurring Sand Size Sediment Through Laser Diffractometry WITH Application to Sediment  Cores: Kismet, Fire Island, New York  
by Kara Dias 2014

Polymodal Grain-size Modes in Long Island Sands, Silts, and Weathered Bedrock
by Courtney Melrose 2014

Graduate Research Projects

Earth Science Research Project -- GEO 589 Research for Earth Science Teacher  Reports

The Fate of Nitrogenous Fertilizer Applied to Differing Turfgrass Systems by Peter F. Schuchman

Nitrogen Cycling in Pore Water and Sediment at the Base of a Standing Recharge Basin 
by Ashki Rouff, Dep't. of Geosciences, SUNY Stony Brook, Dec., 1999

Development of an Outpost Monitoring Well Network for At-Risk Supply Wells
by Robert Porsche, Dep't of Geosciences, May 2006

Producing Digital Elevation Models Using Global Mapper
by Sean Tvelia, Suffolk County Community College, Dec. 2006

Characterization of the Glaciotectonic Development of the Selden Hill through Digital Elevation Models and Ground Penetrating Radar
by Sean Tvelia, Suffolk Community College, Aug. 2007

Quantifying the Impact of Global Warming on Saltwater Intrusion at Shelter Island, New York Using a Groundwater Flow Model
by Daniel James Rozell, Dec. 2007

Origin of Atlantic Coastal Plain Ponds in New York and New Jersey
by Shantao Zhang, Aug. 2008

Impact of Acid Rain and Fire on Soil pH in Dwarf Pine Plains, Long Island, New York
by Pushpa Jha, Dec. 2008

Investigation of an Undefined Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compound Groundwater Plume on the North Shore of Long Island
by Anthony Caniano May 2009

Development of an integrated geophysical and hydrological approach to study submarine groundwater discharge into the Forge River
by Jonathan Wanless August 2009

Geothermal Systems on Long Island
by Deborah Engelhardt  December 2009

Ammonium Adsorption in a sewage Leach Field, Watch Hill, Fire Island, New York
by Fang Liu May 2010

Estimate for the volume of the Port Jefferson outwash fan deposited by a Wisconsian subglacial stream using well log data
by Patrick Criscuola December 2010

The Chemical Oxidation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons at a Former Manufactured Gas Plant in Bay Shore, New York
by Kevin M. Taylor May 2012

Hydrology of Staten Island New York
by Stephanie Rosenberg May 2013

Summary and Review of Reports and Data of Monitoring Wells in the Peconic Estuary System
by Paul Barusich May 2013

Hydrogeologic Appraisal of the Unconsolidated Aquifer in Wawarsing, New York
by Michael Como August 2013

Identification and Classification of Kettle Chains Using 2 meter Digital Elevation Model of Long Island
by Sean Tvelia Suffolk Community College December 2013

Time Trends of Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent with Sources from Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities and Hospitals by Kaitlyn Collela May 2014

Sorption of Ammonium Ion via Cation Exchange by Sara Reutlinger September 2014

Quantifying Potential Variations in Rain Gauge Precipitations Estimates in groundwater recharge estimates at the Yaphank Farm by Brian Pedersen December 2014


Numerical Modeling of a Site Specific Capture Zone and Plume Trajectory Delineation Concerning a Release of Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) by Sarken Dressler May 2015


Determining the effects of multimodal grain size distribution on the hydraulic conductivity of glacial outwash sediments, Selden, Long Island, NY by Roselina Quadros December 2016

Undergraduate Research Projects

Interpreting Geology of Ashley Schiff Park Preserve with New High-Resolution
Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
(5 Mb)
Includes a description of how to make a DEM from a digital contour map
by Tenzin Lhundup for MPI Summer Scholars Program 2005

A GPR and mapping study of the evolution of an active parabolic dune system, Napeague, NY
B.S. Honors Thesis by James D. Girardi 2005

 Study of Soil pH in a Woodland at Stony Brook University
by Matthew D. Bauch December 2007


Provenance and Subglacial Modification of Boulders on the Stony Brook Moraine, Long Island, NY, USA
by Waldemar Pacholik, Gilbert N. Hanson and Sidney Hemming

Strontium Isotope Study of the Peconic River Watershed, Long Island, New York
by Geng Xin and Gilbert N. Hanson (1994)

Evaluation of Geomorphology of the Stony Brook-Setauket-Port Jefferson Area Based on Digital Elevation Models  
by Gilbert N. Hanson (2000)

On the Origin of Parabolic Dunes Near Friar's Head, Long Island, New York
by Steven C. Englebright, Gilbert N. Hanson, Troy Rasbury, and Eric E. Lamont (2000)

Tracing Sources of Nitrate in the Long Island Aquifer System
P.S. Bleifuss, G.N. Hanson, and M.A.A. Schoonen 

A Geochemical Study of the Effects of Land Use on Nitrate Contamination in the Long Island Aquifer System 
Final Report to Suffolk County Water Authority by  G.N. Hanson, and M.A.A. Schoonen (2001)

Bedrock Geology of New York City: More than 600 m.y. of geologic history
by Pamela Chase Brock & Patrick W. G. Brock